Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter Review

Schumacher PSJ2212If you’re looking for a multi-use power source that is reliable and easy to use, then you should consider the Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter. It can provide portable power whether you’re camping, stranded out on the road with a dead battery, or simply without power at home as a result of a heavy storm or other adverse weather conditions. There are a number of things that make the Schumacher PSJ2212 a great buy.

One thing that the Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter certainly does not lack is power. With a 2200 plus peak amp rating, you can guarantee that this particular jump starter will provide enough power in just about any situation that you can think of. Not only is it a powerful unit, but it is also able to hold the charge for a considerably long time. This helps put your mind at ease by not having to worry as much about whether or not your jump starter will have enough juice when you need it. This particular jump starter is capable of outputting 330 cranking amps and 275 cold cranking amps, which is plenty of power for a number of different applications.

The Schumacher PSJ2212 also comes equipped with a built in 3 amp automatic charger that helps charge the starter while it is being used. This helps preserve battery power and ensures that you will get longer use out of it when compared to other jump starters on the market.

One added convenience that you will enjoy with the PSJ2212 is the 12 volt DC power adapter that can be used to provide power to any DC accessories that you might have. You can use it to power up camping accessories, garage tools, or any other DC power item that you need to provide power to.

The Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter comes with heavy duty clamps that are equipped with high grade copper jaws.

Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 15.8 x 8 inches ; 15.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • 2200 peak amperes, 330 cranking ampere and 275 cold cranking amperes
  • 22 Ah professional grade, high output AGM battery
  • 12 Volt DC power outlet
  • 3 ampere built-in, automatic charger
  • Heavy duty clamp have replaceable copper jaws

Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter Reviews

The reviews that we found online for the Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter are very positive. It has a 5 star rating on In fact, there were very few complaints about this particular jump starter. There were, however, a few issues that customers discussed. For the most part the PSJ2212 received very good remarks from happy customers.

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One thing that many reviewers eluded to was the fact that the PSJ2212 was able to hold a charge for a much longer amount of time, and that it was able to produce enough power to jump start most vehicles.

Customers also hinted at the fact that the unit is made with high quality durable materials and is a very good buy for the price that you actually pay for it. Purchasing a jump starter can be a difficult task because there are so many different options out there. A product such as the Schumacher PSJ2212 Jump Starter which comes with high praise from many customers is certainly one worth considering, and one that we recommend to you.

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