Energizer 84020 All-In-One Jump Starter Review

Energizer 84020 All-In-OneThe Energizer 84020 All-In-One Jump Starter is a powerful, versatile, attractive looking product. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself stranded with a flat tire or your vehicle won’t start because the battery is flat you would like to be able to open the boot and reach for the Energizer 84020. It’s called the All-In-One as it is more than just a jump starter – you’ve an air compressor, light, and backup power supply.

Jump starting a vehicle can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t had to perform the task before and some jump starters are not particularly user friendly. The Energizer 84020 is very straight forward to operate even for the totally inexperienced user. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – the unit has the 3 steps numbered on it and you take them in order and follow the simple steps and the jobs done. It’s as simple to use a jump starter as we’ve seen.

The air compressor is a nice addition to the product and something any vehicle owner can appreciate the value of. It may not be the most powerful compressor but for the most part you’ll be using this for topping up the tires and for this purpose the 84020 is quite sufficient. This facility will also be used for inflating bicycle tires, air beds, and water inflatables.

The unit also incorporates handy features like the flex-neck work light stored in the unit’s handle which you can direct to illuminate whatever you wish; two 12-volt DC cigarette sockets for powering 12V accessories; access to three-pronged AC power by way of the built-in 200 watt, DC/AC power inverter.

Energizer 84020 Jump Starter Features and Specifications

  •   12V, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 350CA
  •   Rugged polypropylene case
  •   Flex-neck work light
  •   250 PSI internal air compressor inflates most automobile tires in 10 minutes, pressure gauge and ON/OFF switch is thermally protected from overheating, strong fabric-covered output hose with clamp-on valve stem coupler
  •    Two 12V DC power sockets for powering 12V devices and protection by a 30A manual-reset circuit breaker, and an internal power inverter and three-pronged socket for AC power on demand
  •    Heavy duty 400A insulated metal battery clamps, shortened clamp and reverse polarity audio alarms, ergonomic handle that doubles as protective housing for docked clamps, an adjustable light
  •    A 12V 1 amp internal battery charger with two-stage charger allowing for the charger to be safely connected to the wall outlet indefinitely and fully charged
  •    Large, easy-to-use ON/OFF rotary switch to prevent sparking
  •    4 AWG output cables with 24″ reach
  •    Battery status indicator to signify the charge-state of the internal battery
  •    200 watt, DC/AC power inverter internally mounted; has ON/OFF switch, one AC power outlet; fan cooled
  •    Dimensions: 19.8 x 13 x 13 inches
  •     Weight: 24.8 pounds

Energizer 84020 Jump Starter

Energizer 84020 Reviews

After conducting extensive research we were able to find several reviews for the Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump Starter online. On Amazon.com, for example, all the reviewers gave the 84020 either 4 or 5 stars. It really is a statement to this product that even though it sells sufficient quantities to be one of Amazon’s top selling jump starters not a single reviewer has returned to express any degree of dissatisfaction.

Several of the reviewers commented on the ability of the battery to retain charge for a lengthy period of time. The ability to recharge the device without danger of overcharging because of the built in sensor is also reassuring for the user.

Many of the reviewers, who have been unfortunate enough to need to jump start their vehicles, have eulogized the 84020 on how easy it is to use. The user friendliness of the unit appears to be the principle feature of the machine. The 1-2-3 system we referred to above seems to be “fool proof” is so straight forward it’s a wonder no manufacturer thought to incorporate it before.

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A few commentators referred to the price of the 84020. It is on the high end of the price range for similar products, but those who drew attention to the price also went on to talk about the quality of the unit and of course the old “you only get what you pay for.”

With all the 4 and 5 star ratings we found for the Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump Starter and the praise heaped upon it by those reviewing it online we feel very comfortable in recommending the Energizer 84020 to anyone who is considering purchasing a jump starter.


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