Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter Review

Duracell Powerpack 450Duracell has been the trusted name in power supply for many years, and the Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter with Built-In 150 PSI Air Compressor is another example of what this highly respected brand can provide. Whether your in an emergency situation where you need power for your car, or simply need a power source in a remote location where electricity isn't readily available, the Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter can provide you with exactly what you need.


Topping the list of features of this particular jump starter is the 17 amp AGM battery that is completely sealed within the unit to prevent spilling. This reliable and dependable battery is attached to a power inverter that can produce over 450 watts of safe and usable AC power. On the face of the unit you will find two AC outlets where common household items can be plugged in.


The Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter can be used for a number of things including powering your laptop, radio, small kitchen appliances, and even pumping up the tires of your car thanks to the built in air compressor.


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If you do a lot of traveling and need an emergency power source for those unexpected power loss situations, then the Powerpack 450 is the perfect solution. It comes equipped with jumper cables that can be used to jump start the engine of your vehicle. In fact, it can be used to jump start most 6 cylinder vehicles with ease. If you've never used a jump starter before and are worried about connecting the jumper cables to your car battery incorrectly, don't worry because the unit comes with a reverse polarity sensor. This means that if you do happen to hook the unit up incorrectly, you won't cause any damage to the vehicle battery.


The Powerpack 450 Jump Starter can be used to charge many other devices including cell phones, laptops, flashlights, and many others. It can be used as a portable power source during camping trips or perhaps even when you need a portable power source for those small home improvement projects.


Duracell 450


Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter Features and Specifications


Duracell Powerpack 450  Micro processor controlled voice technology provides instant system diagnosis information

Powerpack 450  150 PSI air compressor for inflating tires and small sports equipment

Duracell 450  Jumper cables designed for safe and efficient jump-starting

  Built-in light provides illumination in emergency situations at home and on the road

  AC charger stored in the unit, Recharge at home or from a vehicle

  Dimensions: 17.2 x 11.2 x 11 inches ; Weight: 23.9 pounds

  1-Year Limited Warranty


Duracell Powerpack 450 Reviews


There were many great reviews left by customers for the Powerpack 450. One particular reviewer eluded to the fact that it is a very reliable unit in times of emergency because of it's ability to hold a charge for extended periods of time. Another reviewer mentioned that the unit was able to jump start his car with ease, and that he is confident it would be able to handle the job multiple times on a single charge.


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One issue that many customers had with the PowerPack 450 when they used it for the first time was that it did not have enough power. This was the case when they only gave it the half charge that it supposedly could run off of. It appears that this was a crisis that could easily be averted by giving the unit a full charge instead of half charge.


Based on the number of good reviews left by previous customers, we feel that the Duracell Powerpack 450 Jump Starter with Built-In 150 PSI Air Compressor is a good buy for anyone in need of a portable emergency or recreational power source.


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