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Booster Pac ES5000 Review

Booster Pac ES5000

Best Jump Starters Reviews

Dead battery? Stranded, going nowhere! You wish you had thought ahead and purchased Booster PAC ES5000 12V Portable Battery Booster Pack. This particular jump starter has what it takes to get your vehicle running if the car battery ever decides to quit on you.

The Booster Pac ES5000 has been very well received and regarded as a great buy. It does not look as attractive as some of the other best selling jump starters. Nor does it have all the additional add-ons that many of it's competitors have. It jump starts your vehicle and thats all it does, but what it does it does very well, by all accounts. For this reason we highly recommend the Booster PAC ES5000 12V Portable Battery Booster Pack for purchase.


Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter Review

Clore Automotive JNC660

Best Jump Starters Reviews

The Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter is the perfect solution for starting a car or truck when the battery simply will not cooperate. Being left stranded because of a dead battery is simply not an option when this high quality jump starter is available for use.

The Clore Automotive is one of the more powerful jump starters on the market because it is capable of pumping out 1700 peak amps, which is more than enough power need to start the engine of a car or truck when it’s battery has died. Other starters often times lack sufficient amperage that is required to accomplish this task.

The JNC660 is lightweight, easy to use, and best of all, it is able to hold it’s charge for long periods of time which is important because the exact moment when a battery will die is something that simply cannot be predicted. Being able to hold a charge for two months or even longer is something that the JNC660 jump starter is certainly capable of.