Booster Pac ES5000 Review

Booster Pac ES5000

Dead battery? Stranded, going nowhere! You wish you had thought ahead and purchased Booster PAC ES5000 12V Portable Battery Booster Pack. This particular jump starter has what it takes to get your vehicle running if the car battery ever decides to quit on you.

What makes the Booster Pac ES5000 special? It has a number of features that can help make your jump starting experience much more straight forward. One thing that you'll quickly find out about this particular product is that it certainly has plenty of power. The 1500 peak amps can certainly pack a punch.

Another great feature of the ES5000 are the 43 inch cables that are made with heavy duty wiring. You'll never have to worry about the cables on this jump starter wearing out thanks to the thick #4 gauge wiring in them.


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One shortfall that you often see with jump starters is that they do not provide you with heavy duty clamps. The clamps on any jump starter go through some pretty tough wear and tare, especially when you consider the fact that they come in contact with corrosive material just about every time you use them. You'll find that the clamps that come with the ES5000 are made with industrial grade material and are very heavy duty so they will last you a long time.

Another convenience with the Booster Pac ES5000 is the ability to recharge automatically. Recharging of this unit happens automatically so you can be confident you will be able to use the jump starter whenever you need to.


Booster Pac ES5000 Features and Specifications


Booster Pac ES5000   1500 peak amps/400 cranking amps

Booster Pac ES5000    43" #4 gauge cables

   Industrial grade, Hot Jaw clamps

   Automatic recharging

   Dimensions: 18.3 x 11.4 x 4.4 inches

   Weight: 21.4 pounds


Booster Pac ES5000 Jump Starter Reviews


The Booster Pac ES5000 carries a very impressive number of 4 and especially 5 star ratings. The vast majority of customers expressed the fact that they are completely satisfied with the starting capabilities that this particular jump starter has. Many have also expressed the fact that the ES5000 is extremely reliable and can be counted on in times when it is needed. One buyer reckons it could start his vehicle six times without needing to be recharged.


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Overall, we found that the Booster Pac ES5000 has been very well received and regarded as a great buy. It does not look as attractive as some of the other best selling jump starters. Nor does it have all the additional add ons that many of it's competitors have. It jump starts your vehicle and that's all it does, but what it does it does very well, by all accounts. For this reason we highly recommend the Booster PAC ES5000 12V Portable Battery Booster Pack for purchase.


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